Lemeke Tlale…a church organist and classically trained pianist had to persevere through all genres from classical pop to urban jazz music to be part of this powerful jazzy classic label that will lead the music scene in general soon.began accompanying Standard bank choir festivals on both standard and large choirs on large works of songs by composers such as J.Hayden..G.F.Handel.and Mozart.
Echoes from the mountain kingdom during 2005 introduced trio band…Themba Yathi..lesetla the trumpet man and Lemeke on keys…Avani hotel pianist 2007-2009…Pianist at state baquet president Zuma state visit avani maseru…Rotatary events pianist with Mr Tau Malebo and friends…
The group will include a song in a solo project soon to be released in the jazzy classical label by Dixnmax productions.its been a long journey for the pianist to secure a capable joint venture to conquer the music scene…leading to a wonderful business meeting with Molise Maqelepo creating one of the changers in the music scene.

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